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testimonialWELL DONE SocialMediaReach!! I don’t know how you did it but it’s quite remarkable. Very impressive, and obviously for us, we’re excited that we can reach so many more people with songs and resources that we believe in – that will encourage and equip folks around the world. Thanks you SocialMediaReach!
~ Paul Baloche

Thanks to Shane at SocialMediaReach who joined our team, we are in the hundreds of thousands of “LIKES”testimonial on our 180 Facebook page. We couldn’t believe our eyes as the numbers exploded, amazing results.
~ Ray Comfort, Best-Sellings Author & Producer of 180movie.com

testimonialWe have always know that personal relationships and social media were vital for our ministry to build a strong foundation and to grow strategically. However, we knew we needed help and only after we connected with Social Media Reach did we get a glimpse into how much more potential reach and influence we could have on behalf of orphans, widows and the destitute. To make an authentic difference in our world, we realize that we need each other and we are grateful for Social Media Reach and all they are doing to help us bring awareness and action to the orphan crisis in our world.
~Caleb David, One Child Campaign

SocialMediaReach.com took the blinders off my eyes, helping me see a landscape of potential throughtestimonial our Facebook account. We used to make random comments and get a dozen LIKES on each one at most. Now, with our new audience (thanks to SMR), we are more intentional about our posts, and will often have a dozen LIKES within a few minutes, along with SHARES and COMMENTS. It is a whole new world to explore. They grew our account from 2,500 likes to 100,000 in 2 weeks!
~ Ryan Dahl, PraiseCharts.com

Social Media Reach can deliver real live active FANS and LIKES to your Facebook page, in any quantity, for any budget and targeted to specific geo’s along with targeting specific interests related to your product or service. This ability of highly targeted fans are like no other service. Our fans and likes are genuinely interested in what you have to say and what you have to offer and are not located in countries that are irrelevant to your demographics.

How our Facebook LIKES & FANS work:

Social Media Reach is set apart in the sense that we have a skilled team running highly targeted Facebook ads that are geared to your specific audience. We specialize in not only getting you LIKES, but LIKES that will turn into active members of your community, resulting in a thriving page and sales. The fans and likes you receive are not bots, fake account or invites from other pages. These are fans targeted to your demographics and interests, making your new fans and likes participating fans that actually get involved, participate on wall posts and take advantage of promos or offers.

What kind of results can you expect?

Many of our clients fan pages experience the following results
- 1% to 2% of gross audience responding to wall posts by likes and commenting with real inputs
- 5% to 10% of gross audience following through to article posts back to your website
- 10% to 20% of gross audience watching video posts
- 1% to 2% of new fans taking action on special offers, promos, contests and giveaways.

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